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Chinese Clay Pots

Chinese Clay Pots
Made from exceptional clay found only in China that withstands a direct flame or direct contact with an electric burner. These pots represent a quite ancient and authentic part of Chinese cuisine. They are referred to as "sandy pots" due to their sandy exterior and course texture, yet the interior of these pots has a dark brown, smooth glaze. Many of the clay pots also come with a removable wire "cage" covering the exterior that serve both to protect the fragile earthenware and distribute heat evenly. Ideal for stews. Appealing for their traditional appearance and low cost. Multiple pots easily make a decorative set. Available in 5 sizes. Will ship availability-Single handle or Two handles. Recipes included. Recipe for sand/clay pot: Stir-Fried Chicken Rice

(4.13 lb)
(6.25 lb)
6.5" diameter x 2.5" deep, 12 oz. capacity (1.75 lb)