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ginger graters

ginger graters
TheWok Shop offers a wide variety of eclectic ginger graters, from the very basic design to more whimsical fish shapes. These tools make shredding ginger a fun and easy activity and can also be used for grating lemons, hard cheeses, etc.

Metal Graters: A staple of every kitchen, these graters will shred ginger and other items into a pulp.

Some models include a shallow tray for catching the shredded ginger. Great for making sauces.

Porcelain Graters: These fine glazed, porcelain graters can also be used as spoon rests, tea bag rests, soap dishes, sauce bowls, etc. The tails on the fish-shaped graters act as handles for the graters and the depth of the trays (3/4") allows the cook to make sauces right in the grater.