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Hot Pot (Asian Broth Fondue)

Hot Pot (Asian Broth Fondue)
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Product Description

New import from Thailand. Used widely throughout Asia this hot pot is similar to fondue communal cooking at the table. Ingredients are seafood, meat, chicken, vegetables all cut bite-size and attractively arranged on a platter. Everyone cooks their own selection in the hot broth and retrieves with the wire mesh skimmer. Ingredients cook quickly and then dipped into various sauces: chili, garlic, soy/vinegar, hot mustard, green onion, etc. Aluminum hot pot, 9.5" diameter x 8.5" total height, 3 pcs: pot, lid and sterno holder and 4 stainless steel skimmers = $39.95. Hotpot easily serves 4 to 6 people. 3 lbs. Additional skimmers (beyond the 4 included) sold separately, $1.50 each. Complimentary recipes included.


Wire Skimmer
Make using your hot pot that much easier with wire skimmers. These are $1.50 per skimmer.