Happy holidays! We are in the heart of San Francisco's Chinatown. Find a perfect gift here. Wok shopping? Wokology 101 might answer a few questions and help you decide before purchasing your wok. Gift Ideas surprise your cook!


A wok, a round-bottom and now also available flat-bottom, bowl-shaped pan used for centuries in Chinese kitchens. This unique-shaped pan was designed out of necessity to conserve on fuel because a wok conducts heat very efficiently; uses up little kitchen space since a wok takes the place of many pots and pans. With your wok you can stir-fry, steam, braise, sauté, simmer, deep fat-fry, stew and even smoke.

The advantage of using a wok rather than a skillet or dutch oven is that the flared sides and depth permit rapid tossing of many ingredients and the use of a minimum of oil. The bottom of the wok gets extremely hot and the sides remain cool, thus, the food is cooked in the bottom and tossed to the sides; with this constant motion, vegetables are cooked just right…in the hot bottom, then tossed to the cool sides--quickly, efficiently, nutritiously!

Wok shopping? Wokology 101 might answer a few questions and help you decide before purchasing your wok.

Do you need wok ring ($2.95) to stabilize your round bottom wok on the stove?

Watch our video on how easy it is to season a wok.

What are the "Wrongs in Woking"? Watch a short video on how to wok right featuring Grace Young, best-selling author of "The Breath of a Wok."

Carbon Steel Flat or Round Bottom Wok Set
Holiday Special! 14″ Carbon Steel Flat Bottom Wok with Metal Side Handle 5 Pieces Set
Carbon Steel Wok w/ Side Handle
New! Carbon Steel Wok w/ Metal Loop Helper Handle
Carbon Steel Pow Wok w/ Flat or Round Bottom,Hollow Metal Handle, USA Made
The Wok Shop's carbon steel hand-hammered pow wok, wood handle
Hand-Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok w/Hollow Metal or Wooden Handle
The Wok Shop's carbon steel hand hammered 'pow' wok
Carbon Steel Wok w/2 Wood Spool Handles - Round or Flat Bottom
Wok with 2 Steel Handles
The Wok Shop Hand Hammered w/2 Metal Loop Handles Wok -  (wok ring not included)Traditional Cast Iron Wok
Iron/Enamel Classic Wok
Stainless Steel 16 Gauge Pow Wok From China
Stainless Wok from China
Traditional Cast Iron Wok Set
All Cast Iron Flat Bottom Wok
The Wok Shop's 14" Carbon Steel Hand-Hammered Pow Wok Set, 6 pcs14" Carbon Steel USA-made Pow Wok Set
Carbon Steel Hand Hammered Wok (WC) (wok ring not included)
14" Stainless Steel Wok Set 5 pcs
10" Carbon Steel Camping Wok w/ Wooden Handle, USA-made
Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok
Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok w/Long Wood Handle and Helper Handle
Stainless Steel USA-Made Wok w/Two Wooden Spool Handles (Lid Sold Separately)
10" Carbon Steel Mini Pow Wok, Set/4pcs
Mini Wok 5 Piece Set for Small Portions
Pre-seasoned Wok
Iron 'Pow' Wok
Heavy Gauge stainless steel wok w/lid
Tigra II Non-stick Stirfry Pan
Joyce Chen Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Wok
Non-stick Wok
Excel Steel 13" Cast Iron Wok
Heavy 12" Cast Iron Wok
Oyama Rust Resistant Steel Wok